We have put together a list of the most creative, insightful and inspiring TED Talks for entrepreneurs that we could find.

TED is a nonprofit conference, aimed at spreading ideas in short and inspirational talks on almost all topics.

They are one of the best ways to learn of out-of-the-box ideas and this kind of creativity is one an entrepreneur can learn from.

5 TED Talks for Entrepreneurs

  1. The Single Biggest Reason Why Startups Succeed

An alternative insight into how timing is everything in the world of startups now we are in a time of constant change.

Bill Gross encourages startups to learn from their failures more than their successes.

There is more to success than enthusiastic investors and impressive business models.

A great example of essential TED Talks for entrepreneurs.

“ I never thought I’d be quoting boxer Mike Tyson on the TED stage, but he once said, “Everybody has a plan, until they get punched in the face.”

  1. How To Run a Company With (Almost) No Rules

This is our favourite of the TED Talks for entrepreneurs.

An enlightening and mind-bendingly creative take on how to run a business.

He says an entrepreneur should always questions their system, and encourages them not to be afraid of radical changes.

He focuses on searching for wisdom among employees by using a creative and flexible working structure.

“And so, the question we are asking was, how can we be taking care of people? People are the only thing we have.”

  1. Five Ways To Lead In An Era Of Constant Change

We live in a time of constant change which means our businesses are always adapting.

This talk tries to make business transformation a positive and fulfilling experience rather than one associated with layoffs.

Jim Hemerling wants to put people at the head of business transformations to create a work culture of learning, and to become a better leader.

“Inclusive leadership is critical to putting people first.”

  1. Why The Best Hire May Not Have The Perfect Resume

Sometimes it’s the people without the perfect resume that have the best personality traits for business.

Regina Hartley argues for “the scrapper” and their feisty, can-do attitude in this TED Talk for entrepreneurs.

She encourages a business to look past a silver-spoon resume in favour of one that overcame adversity.

“When things don’t turn out well, Scrappers ask “What can I do differently to create a better result?”.”

  1. Five Ways To Kill Your Dreams

An entrepreneur is constantly offered advice from other people.

This talk humorously tackles five myths surrounding startups in a realistic but crucial bit of insider advice.

Bel Pesce shows the spirit of entrepreneurialism, emphasising independence, aspiration and resilience.

“If every step becomes something to learn or something to celebrate, you will for sure enjoy the journey.”

TED Talks For Entrepreneurs

The world of the startup business can be difficult and often demoralising but these talks highlight everything exciting about being an entrepreneur.

With creativity and alternative insights, these are five essential TED Talks for entrepreneurs.

Which did you find most inspiring?