Sole Trader vs Limited Company: What’s The Difference?

Sole Trader vs Limited Company: What’s The Difference?

Trading styles and tax rates can feel like a minefield to many small businesses! The sole trader vs limited company conundrum isn’t going anywhere and can make quite a difference to your operations. Let’s run through exactly what each of these trading styles means and the pros and cons.

How To Copyright A Website: A Guide

How To Copyright A Website: A Guide

Small business owners know that building a website does not happen overnight. The process can be lengthy and involved.
So, after spending weeks tweaking page layouts, menu navigation and finalising copy and colour palettes, you are unlikely to be happy to find your creation replicated in part, or in full, by a competitor.
In this article we look at how to copyright a website to protect yourself from such a scenario.

Small Business Support During Coronavirus

On the 23rd of March, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the closure of non-essential shops and services as part of a lockdown. This has resulted in severe downward pressure on the economy. Latest figures reveal the economy contracting by 2% in the first quarter of 2020, the fastest since the financial crash of 2008. Amidst this economic halt, studies reveal that it is the smaller businesses that are the hardest hit. 

The government has recognised the immense financial pressure on small business owners and unveiled loans and other schemes to help. Below is a summary of the financial aid available and their terms and conditions. 

Amazing Accounting Apps To Keep Your Accounts In Order

From Apps that compile photos of all your receipts to those that make sure you’re paid on the date you specify, keeping on top of your company books can be so much easier than you think.

Using specific Apps for your accounting means you can perform most tasks while on the go, meaning you can tear up that To Do list you’re always having to update.

Business Technology For Small Companies

Business technology has come a long way over the past couple of decades. 

Technology used to be fun gadgets, but now we’re seeing innovative technological processes that change the way we live our lives!

The business world has been completely revolutionised by technology.

It is responsible for the majority of transactions, security and communications (among many other vital processes).

Yet, internet speed can hinder a businesses ability to perform necessary daily functions.

The UK only ranks 45 (globally) for world-wide internet speed and it is small businesses who suffer the most from the critically slow internet.

More than half of all small businesses don’t have access to high speed internet, which means they could be losing out on £23,000 a year.

Technology in small business is very different to the larger companies, as accessibility is often a major issue. 

And because we live in an increasingly internet-run world, without access to fast internet speed and relevant business technology, small businesses will surely be left behind. 

Why You Need To Fire Your Client

For many small businesses the idea of instantly losing revenue by firing a client sounds bad. But in the long run it makes perfect sense – and will probably end up actually saving you money. That’s because often the reason you need to fire a client is because they are...