The Google offices are the Disney Land of the corporate office. They conjure up images of a powerhouse of creativity and the sound of millennial laughter. While others can’t fund an indoor slide or host monthly Guitar Hero competitions, there are easy ways to create a fun workplace.

1. Are you having fun?

Like anything to do with your business, change starts with you.

If you look happy and motivated then lead by example and encourage others to feel the same.

No one is going to feel inspired by a stressed-out and distant boss, so keep it light and cheerful!

Take a note out of comedian George Wallace’s book, “You cannot smile without your body feeling better.”

2. Motivation, motivation, motivation!

When was the last time you gave a genuine compliment to a co-worker?

Positivity and motivation are the single most powerful tools in upping staff moral and helping to create a fun workplace.

Try taking a negative situation, such as a review of a staff member, and try and turn it into a positive learning experience.

This will make you and your co-worker happy and motivated, and relieve you from the stress of delivering unwelcome news!

3. Healthy competition

Nothing livens up an office like a bit of healthy competition.

Try investing in a ping-pong table or a football table to encourage staff interactivity as well as enforcing proper breaks.

This will help the office bond as well as helping your staff let off steam.

Get stuck in yourself and let the professional boundaries down to bond with your team.

4. No “I” in “Team”

Instead of seeing yourself as a leader, try to see your whole business as one team.

Get everyone together to plan the coming week including fun events like drinks out or a competition.

This will lessen the stress on all of you and make sure everyone feels involved in the workplace.

5. Release your inner designer

Remember your drab, uninspiring school classrooms?

Keep the office as far away from this as you can!

Encourage personal items and decoration on peoples desks to keep the office varied and interesting.

Colour, light and decoration are a great way to encourage creativity and to create a fun workplace.

How to create a fun workplace

With fun excuses to bond with your team and a refreshed attitude to the world of work, it will be easy to create a fun workplace for everyone to thrive in.