Knowing how to attract millennials to your small business can seem impossible.

Many are drawn to the bigger companies they recognise and overlook smaller businesses.

Small businesses can greatly benefit young people – show them how!

We’ve created a top 4 list of our favourite tips to help you attract millennials to your small business.

1. Is the job advert ‘youth-friendly’?

Create company pages on social media to advertise your jobs.

Consider using bright infographics rather than wordy descriptions to attract a younger audience.

Social media is the fastest way to get to your millennials, as well as making your business look tech-savvy.

If you don’t want turn to Facebook, there are small changes you can make to the application process.

Rachel Suff (Policy Advisor from the CIPD) said “This can be as simple as avoiding technical business jargon in the advertisement”.

Consider your response time to applicants – the social media world is fast-paced, you have to keep up!

2. Do you have a fun workplace culture?

Working with millennials is a two-way street.

Try asking yourself the question, why should they work for you?

Offer a social workspace to encourage their creativity and promote one of the personal side of a small business.

Try posting photos of your office events on social media, or create small YouTube videos of the office.

This is a great way to help potential applicants suss out your office culture.

Read our blog post on how to make a workplace fun for some tips.

3. Is your business socially conscious?

90% of millennials surveyed agreed that a business’ success shouldn’t only be based on their financial achievement.

Millennials have a very strong social conscience so be transparent with your business’ mission statement.

Consider changing your company’s focus towards the local area and offer volunteering hours for staff.

Millennials want their job to benefit the world around them, help create a business-wide attitude they can engage in.

4. What business perks do you offer?

Business perks are one of the main things millennials look for when applying for jobs.

It’s one of the reasons why they gravitate towards well-advertised, larger businesses.

Consider using the size of your business to your advantage and promote your personal relationship with your employees.

Try mixing senior and junior staff together to encourage in-office mentoring and help the new worker’s development.

This kind of communication and one-to-one mentoring is difficult to find in the large, faceless companies you’re competing with.

How To Attract Millennials To Your Small Business

Most importantly, remember millennials are not aliens.

They can offer a fresh outlook on an existing business and help your company move with the times.

The labour pool is flooded with young people so try our tips and get creative with your own ideas!

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