Unsure about what a Companies House confirmation statement is?

Every limited company across the UK needs to file a Companies House CS01 form each year, whether it’s inoperative or non-commercial. It’s illegal not to file one.

Not only this, you as the company director or secretary may be sued. And if your business fails to file a confirmation statement, it may lose its official status. 

It’s crucial to file confirmation statements, so knowing all about them is vital. 

So, without further ado, let’s look at what a CS01 form is, when you’ll need to file one, and how you need to file it. 

What is a Companies House confirmation statement?

Otherwise known as a CS01, a confirmation statement is the document your organisation has to fill in for Companies House every year.

The form records details of any major alterations made to your company over the previous year. 

Also, your CS01 form confirms your organisation’s entry on the Companies House public database, so it stays current.

Previously, businesses filed an Annual Return (AR01) form with Companies House. However, in 2016, this changed to the Confirmation Statement (CS01).

When does a CS01 form need to be filed?

You’ll need to file the form once annually.

You’ll receive a letter or email from Companies House reminding you to file. However, we recommend registering for Companies House email reminders if you haven’t done so already.

Your initial filing date is one year after your organisation’s launch date – otherwise known as a ‘confirmation date’.

You’re allowed to fill in the form early or more than once annually. However, don’t leave filing it any later than 14 days following the confirmation date – you could run the risk of a confirmation statement fee. You also may be liable for having your company marked off the Companies Register, with monies handed over to the Crown. 

Don’t forget, failing to fill in a CS01 form is illegal, even if your business is non-commercial or inactive.

Once you’ve submitted your initial CS01 form, the next date is subject to when you initially filed your first one. For instance, if you filled in your previous CS01 form on 31st August 2020, your subsequent statement will be due on 30th August 2021.

However, companies under one year old will have to submit their subsequent CS01 form one day before the date of their first birthday. 

Who needs to file a CS01 form?

You’ll need to file your statement: 

  • If your organisation is in operation, inactive, or non-trading
  • If you’re the company director, secretary, a designated LLP member, or authorised individual (to save needless admin, only one individual within your business should file)
  • Even if you don’t make any changes the year before, it’s your responsibility to submit one to confirm that nothing’s changed
  • If your company’s details aren’t the same, notify Companies House about the changes

You won’t need to submit a CS01 form if:

  • Your business has been taken off the Companies Register or has registered as ‘struck off’
  • You aren’t responsible for submitting one – most staff members, shareholders, and non-managerial directors aren’t accountable (if you’re an individual with substantial authority or a co-founder, confirm with your colleagues about who’s liable)

How to file a confirmation statement

Filing a CS01 form is easy – you can file it:

  • By post
  • Online

To file a CS01 by post, expect to pay £40, while online confirmation statement filings cost £13. Faster, cheaper, and more secure, we recommend doing yours online.

All that’s needed to file a CS01 form online is an authentication code. Be sure to ask for your authentication code ahead of time, as it may take some time to come through in the post. Your code will arrive at your business’s registered address.

Companies House confirmation statement: get in touch

If you have any questions about submitting a CS01 confirmation statement to Companies House, you can contact us today.

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