From Apps that compile photos of all your receipts to those that make sure you’re paid on the date you specify, keeping on top of your company books can be so much easier than you think.

Using specific Apps for your accounting means you can perform most tasks while on the go, meaning you can tear up that To Do list you’re always having to update.

Here’s our run down on accounting apps which can help your business.

Top 5 Accounting Apps

Receipt Bank. Just like it says ‘on the tin’, this app will store away all those valuable receipts that allows you to reduce your tax bill at the end of very year.

It means freeing up a drawer or chucking away a big box folder and having extra space on your shelves.

Who could disagree with that? The App will give you a 14-day trial for free – at the end of which you can either sign up or discard. We reckon you’ll opt for the former though…

Shoeboxed. Apple has its own version of Receipt Bank.

It’s called Shoeboxed and it’ll scan all your receipts for you and file them away. All you have to do is send to the App’s Magic Window.

It’s also possible to set up a system that will automatically import any receipts from your email account – in case you forget.

Chaser. Ah, the age-old problem just about every business has – chasing up receipts.

It’s particularly relevant right now with many businesses being closed due to the coronavirus lockdown. When we’re all up and running again though, you might want to take a look at this particularly handy App.

That’s because Chaser (yes, another aptly-named App) will go get those payments you’re owed for you. Or, at least, it allows you to schedule and send regular and personalised emails to all your customers – so you don’t forget.

Square. Another invoicing accounting app, but one which allows payments to be made straight into your bank at no monthly cost.

It will also accept immediate card payments – although those come with a 2.5% surcharge.

It works with all the major card payment systems such as Visa, Mastercard and Maestro. The only downside really is that it can take up to four days for your bank account to be linked to the App.

SurePayroll. Make sure your staff all get paid on time, every time, with this App.

You can enter data, such as overtime worked, deductions etc while out of the office and it’ll work out the final pay for you.

It will also provide updated report summaries and keep a record of sick leave and staff holidays.

Staff can even download the employee version of the App to find out how many days holiday etc they have left on their personal record.

Downloading the App itself is free but to make full use of the software you’ll need an account.

Accounting Apps: Conclusion

All of the above accounting Apps are fab time-savers and great for getting organised.

However, there’s some things accounting apps just can’t do. For further help with accountancy, book-keeping and small to medium-sized business matters contact us via our website Or, call us on 0203 151 9002. We look forward to hearing from you!